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03 Apr

We appreciate their willingness to allow us to host the results of their efforts.Information in this system may not always agree with original statistical reports or include later official corrections.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage -Sexual intimacy within marriage is a sacred gift from God to the human family. Such intimacy, designed to be shared exclusively between husband and wife, promotes ever-increasing closeness, happiness, and security, and provides for the perpetuation of the human race. "Marriage, a union for life, is a symbol of the union between Christ and His church. God's Word condemns violence in personal relationships (Gen. 19:3-8; Mark 10:2-9), but the Bible is not silent about it. Marriages Can Be Destroyed -Marriage rests on principles of love, loyalty, exclusiveness, trust, and support upheld by both partners in obedience to God (Gen. God provides comfort to those who have been wounded. Grounds for Divorce -Scripture recognizes adultery and/or fornication (Matt.We meet through veggie date, and have been in love ever since!We just had our son in September (2011), and can't believe how lucky we are to have our family. The husband is to cherish his wife as Christ cherishes the church. Both are to cultivate the spirit of kindness, being determined never to grieve or injure the other."- , vol. When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost the oneness which they had known with God and with one another (Gen. Their relationship became marked with guilt, shame, blame, and pain. There is no room among Christ's followers for tyrannical control and the abuse of power (Matt. The Lord has laid down the principle that is to guide in this matter. Effects of the Fall on Marriage -The entrance of sin adversely affected marriage.The Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research gratefully acknowledges the planning and development of this statistical analysis system by Erich Baumgartner (of the Institute of World Mission at Andrews University) and his research assistants.Further development and maintenance of the system has been entrusted to the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research.- Regular Saturday night vespers and fellowship with potlucks every 1st and 3rd Sabbath at the Son Bridge Community Services Center, 1200 SE 12th, College Place. He can be reached at For more information, please click here for the registration packet. Single Ministries Elsewhere 2017 Adventist Single Adult Ministries Cruise Registration Site: https:// Violence in the setting of marriage and family is abhorrent (see , p. "Neither husband nor wife is to make a plea for rulership. Our vegetarian single members include lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, fish vegetarians, those who are becoming vegetarian and macrobiotic diets through vegan vegetarians.