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According to the benefit’s organizers: “Becca was a prolific writer, ardent reader, and lover of books.* The Dresden Dolls sometimes pose naked with each other for band art shots * They once held a competition where you could win band tickets if you sent a photo of yourself posed as a painted living statue outside of any police station * They stick hate mail and bad press as well as fan letters and good press on their website. * Amanda Palmer sometimes pencils in her eyebrows as she performs live on stage * Trent Reznor from NIN loves them The bio on the Dresden Dolls official site quite rightly says that the Dresden Dolls continue to defy explanation and classification.In addition to his various recording and touring work, he also gives drumming workshops based around developing personal creativity on the instrument and has lectured at ] , as well as many other schools around the northeastern US.

Ihey found an alley and built a shack out of cardboard beer boxes and scrapwood.

There, he played with several Boston punk bands on both drums and bass guitar.

"I knew it was 'now or never' when I moved from my small town to pursue my dream.

A pivotal moment occurred in 1990 when Brian’s father brought him to see The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine and Brian witnessed his first up-close exposure to the drummer who would become his principal inspiration on the instrument.

"I spent every possible hour jamming with my friends up in our attic from the time I was in the fourth grade through when I graduated high school. " At sixteen years old, Brian began playing gigs in clubs with bands around New England before moving from New Hampshire to Boston in 1999.