Are selena and taylor dating again

29 Nov

She gained major popularity with her huge 2016 album , and launched a world tour.

Selena suffers from lupus, and autoimmune disease, and announced that she would be suspending her tour to care for herself in August 2016; she entered rehab for several months.

She’s clearly not a fan, and sources in the past have stated that Taylor tried her best to get Selena to break it off with Justin – permanently.

It seemed as though her advice worked, considering Selena and Justin broke off their on-again/off-again relationship and didn’t get back together for the better part of the year.

reported that Selena wore the same yellow plaid shirt that Justin has worn during his Purpose World Tour shows.

She was also spotted attending one of his concerts.

Alas, that separation didn’t last long and Selena was spotted hanging out with Justin yesterday after months apart.

And according to Hollywood Life, Taylor is not happy that her BFF is once again hanging out with her arch nemesis. But she’s not happy that Selena’s back with Justin, especially because Justin’s behavior has gotten significantly worse in the past year.

The band released three studio albums and produced four top 30 singles by 2011.

But we weren’t completely convinced—after all, there are stirrings of Gomez dropping new music (fresh out of rehab and ready to hit “play” on her career again), and The Weeknd is still busy promoting his latest album, It all seems a little too convenient. Time will tell, but we’re betting this one progresses—and ends—just like Hiddleswift.

We live in a weird time, which is to say that we live in the era of fake celebrity relationships—see the prom king and queen, obvious frontrunners Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston (a.k.a.

So when we saw pics of Gomez chilling outside her church in West Hollywood on Sunday, holding her cellphone that was clearly playing a track from Mmm hmm. Sure, The Weeknd rapped about an “ass shaped like Selena” on his track “Party Monster,” which was released last month.

While Jelena has consumed our minds for years now, Selena Gomez wasn’t always only romantically connected to Justin Bieber. Click through the gallery below to refresh your memory and take a look into Selena’s dating history!