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22 Dec

Click on that, A list of scan logs and update logs will be shown by date.You don't need to open the log, just see the date on the last listing that says Update Successful! Dell Inspiron 17 5759 Windows 10 64bit Firefox v.53.0 ; WLM2012; Avira Free, Windows Firewall, MBAM, Spyware Blaster, SUPERAntispyware 2. He doesn't use this laptop very often so most of the time it isn't even on. I thought it was updating automatically but maybe notwhere would I check to see if it was set to automatic updates? The last time it was successfully updated was 7-16 but like I said its not used very much or even [email protected] dollar I have SAS pro in real time and OA premium.I've skimmed through the wilders thread but will take another look. The system tray is on the bottom right side of your screen by the clock.

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Although things may seem good now, but I don't think they are going to improve for good. Maybe, things do get better occasionally, but vast improvement is to be seen. My feelings are that if Avira wants you to pay to get reliable updates, then either upgrade or move on to something else. When I go to update it tells me I have "optimum protection" when I dont? FYI though, from what I have read, MSE doesn't play well with some other security apps.

Try running a scan with Dr Web online, f According to Avira, Windows Defender is now inconsistent with Avira (for Vista users and Seven).

Nevertheless, this program isn't responsible for this error.

For those using a firewall such as Zone Alarm or COMODO, the process is sometimes badly identified is known to have four other instance: So you must go into the configuration page of your firewall and allow the program to modify the registry and/or write files.

In fact, if you have other antivirus installed, then the may have been detected as being a virus, thus preventing the proper functioning of Avira. It may also be due to virus attacking the system update of antivir.