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07 Oct

After a few more dates and some apprehension, we decided we didn't want to be with anyone else and started our relationship in February 2013.After we took the plunge, Brad suggested we go on a spontaneous road trip over President's Day weekend. Being a spontaneous trip, we had no reservations and quickly found that hotels along the entire coast were all booked!I first met Brad in 2010 at a mutual friends Jersey Shore party in San Francisco.I don't know if it was my face full of bronzer or Snookie style poof hair, but it was not love at first sight.Give it to the weird guy above the shop and he will give you some Olathian Whiskey in return.

But his own interest in social justice led him to want to look beyond the symptoms, to the root causes.As an example, Armstrong talked about getting involved in some Denver high schools several years ago.At that time, he explained, kids of color were getting a raw deal, being deliberately tracked into vocational fields, with no opportunity to attend universities, and being stifled by a heavy police presence in the schools.A Brad Armstrong feature from Wicked is always treated as a big deal, driven by marketing considerations I guess.This poorly done thriller has the requisite big name cast but lacks both thrills and heat.That led him to find and support groups that were working to address structural and policy issues within the schools.Finding his own way of thinking is something Armstrong has been doing for a long time.Birdie Nash used to be the single father of his two boys, Joey and Jimmy.Joey died from an illness that couldn't be treated on a dock workers budget. The death of his children drove Birdie to alcoholism. He says that he doesn't need his family, despite lamenting for his loss regularly.We did eventually become friendly as we had many mutual friends and we enjoyed several years of Superbowl parties, Tahoe trips and park days before we saw a different side of each other.In December 2012, I moved back to San Francisco after traveling for 6 months through Southeast Asia & New Zealand.