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82751 – 905001931 90501 – 940001932 Introduction of the three shot Auto 3 with shorter magazine tube and shorter forearm marked “Browning 3 Shot” 94001 – 960721933 96073 – 961431934 Receiver legend Now with BROWNING and John M.

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These dates were gleaned primarily from Sauerfan's timeline and the Shirley/Vanderlinden book. Browning informed me the gun left the factory in 1955. Last shipped before the outbreak of WWI was SN 19642.1915 to 1918 No production due to German occupation of Belgium during WWI.1919: 19671- 205001920: 20501 - 222371921: 22238 - 240501922: 24051 – 260001923 Barrel Address (US market) BROWNING ARMS COMPANY OGDEN UTAH BROWNING’S PATENT26001 – 284001924: 28401 - 356501925: 35651 – 40010 (app.)1926: 40011 (app.) - 516001927: 51601 - 579001928: 57901 – 651001929 Ventilated barrel rib (as an option) and barrel address change to "Ogden Utah and St Louis Mo.

Details about dates, transitions, exceptions, and other nuances can be found in the Shirley/Vanderlinden book, Browning Auto 5 Shotguns. 1909 1 - 32001910 to 1914 There is only vague info about 16 ga SNs in SV (page 74) for the time 1910 to 1914. "65101 – 827501930 Barrel Address (US market) BROWNING ARMS COMPANY ST LOUIS MO.