Citect not updating tags

13 Jan

Background You have just installed Matrikon OPC Server for Citect and are trying to access tags from your OPC Client but the quality is bad. Once the DLLs in the Matrikon OPC folder were deleted, the system connected and tags data flowed. 12JAN09 - This can also be caused by Citect Scada not being started and in runtime. 23MAR11 - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) handles things differently with respect to services.

What we found was that the Citect DLL files had been copied to the Matrikon OPC Server folder as well as being present (and having a PATH pointing to) the Citect\bin folder.

Select a cluster name from the list of available clusters as defined under Cluster Definitions. Tag Name You can use any name for a tag (79 characters) provided it follows the Tag name syntax and isn't the same as the name of a Cicode function within the project or any included projects (see Defining Variable Tag Names for a list of restrictions on naming).

If you have many tags, use a naming convention (see Using structured tag names). When the tag name is referenced on a graphics page, Cicode, etc., it can be used with or without a specific tag element or item.

*NCR 11683 - Clear and Backspace buttons in Form Num Pad() mode 32 don't work.

Pressing the button will cancel the entire process.

OR 2) Configure the Matrikon OPC Server for Citect to connect to Citect SCADA "remotely" even though both applications are on the same PC. Note that this was tested with Matrikon OPC Server for Citect, Citect SCADA 7.20 and Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

*Begin by adding an entry into the Citect SCADA file as follows, consult the Citect SCADA documentation if you do not know how: [Ct API]Remote = 1 *Compile the Citect SCADA project using a Windows user that is an administrator.

Note: Don't use distributed servers to split up a single section or process into discrete areas.

To automate this a batch file can be created and run to delete temporary internet files before starting the Web Client; To create a batch file open notepad and paste the following text: RD "C:\Documents and Settings\ with the current user name. Remember to change the ‘Save as type:’ from ‘.txt’ to ‘All Files’ before saving.

Replace “ Scada/" with the Citect Scada Web Client URL. Instead of running Web Client from Internet Explorer use the created batch file.

A "Cancel" button has been added to the broken library link dialog box which may come up during the updating of pages in the graphics builder.

*NCR 11557 – "Cancel" button added to broken link dialog box.