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05 Sep

They sound like a bit of a saucy lot: according to the team behind the website, “if you’ve been dying to meet someone who shares your interests, you’ve come to the right place!

” Yep, Vampire Passions actually appears to be a legitimate website!

Despite this criticism, it's all done as an act of love.

They're almost always seen together, whether it's at school, or home, or off on some crazy misadventure constructed by Gumball.Drawing Down the Moon is a founder member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA), a founder member of the Dating Industry Professionals Network (DIPN) a member of the international Matchmakers Alliance and of the international Matchmaking Institute.We adhere and work to current best practice within the matchmaking industry at all times.Multi-Award winning Drawing Down the Moon is the UK’s premier matchmaking and personal introductions firm.Established in a Bloomsbury Bookshop in the early 1980’s in London, we provide bespoke personal introductions throughout London and the South East.Forbes Magazine calls Science Connection “a brainy love connection catering to those with a passion for science and nature.” Given that scientists love stats, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a page dedicated to a breakdown of their member’s scientific interests as well as the website’s matching success rate, including how many have married and even had babies after meeting through Science Connection!Are you a death professional longing to meet other like-minded individuals who see dead people? With more than 5,000 members, Dead Meet is for anyone who works in the death industry: think funeral homes, moratoriums and crematoriums; taxidermologists, anatomists and gravediggers; and even students working toward a career in the sector.After unsuccessful relationship after unsuccessful relationship, you slowly find a better person with each attempt.Your dating life becomes a slow evolution in the search for a deserving person. Look at the past few girls you dated, each is better than the previous.It usually starts with hoot rats/hillbillies and ends with someone who gives as much, if not more, than you have with every failed relationship. That's some serious darwin dating, one day you will find a bitch who can walk on land.Jeff: I just don't fucking get these crazy bitches!