Dating world globes

03 Mar

It is generally found in either the bottom left or bottom right corner, and is sometimes hidden in the map itself, rather than in the border.On globes, it is generally found with the Rand Mc Nally name and copyright notice. Arnold is publisher and editorial director of "Home Media Magazine" and a regular contributor to "Variety." He is a former editorial writer for U-T San Diego.He also has written for "San Diego Magazine," "USA Today" and the Copley News Service. Open any decorating magazine and you are sure to see at least one world globe.The globe is made of two pressed tinplate hemispheres, seamed together at the Equator.with a metal arm, a black rotation knob above the North Pole, and a wood-effect tinplate base.

The existence on the globe of French West Africa (Afrique occidentale française, AOF) dates it to before 1960 (when the federation broke up), and the existence of a single undivided Germany then dates the globe back further, to pre-1949, when the country was split by occupying Allied forces into East Germany and West Germany (which were reunified in 1990).

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Obviously as a professional cartographer with a strong interest in history I know of the major territorial changes (splitting up of the USSR, German reunification, decolonization etc etc), but sometimes I need more tools.

Having access to a big archive of old atlases and maps certainly helps a lot and other than that there’s resources online that can help you, such as this one by Replogle, or this rather extensive list on Wikipedia.