Dexter and deb dating

06 Feb

Ray et son agence arrangent la vérité pour les médias afin de sauver des carrières.

Mais Ray pourrait être rattrapé par son passé : son père Mickey, un arnaqueur qu'il a aidé à mettre en prison, est placé en liberté conditionnelle et veut renouer avec sa famille.

While the first portion of this season has focused almost exclusively on the aftermath of Deb learning the truth about Dexter’s extracurricular activities, the events of this episode, and the path it paves for future episodes, suggest that the second half is going to be much more interested in Dexter’s relationship with the mysterious, likely demented Hannah Mc Kay. Don’t get me wrong, I think the story with Dexter and Hannah is damn compelling.

I’ve consistently lauded the chemistry between Yvonne Strahovski and Michael C.

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So yeah, it does make a good amount of sense that Dexter would, after investigating and stalking Hannah with the intention of killing her, decide to have sex with her instead. Still though, I’m concerned about what this episode and this story mean for Deb’s centrality to the main story.

I said this last week as well; it’s curious to me that the first four episodes of the season were so chock-full of Deb-and-Dexter tension, and the last two have lacked it and been much more familiar.

Detective Joseph "Joey" Quinn is a main Character in DEXTER.

Hall—both are doing great work—and the show has always been intrigued with having Dexter find someone who he can share his true self with.

He thought Lumen could be that person, and heck, at times he's even found (temporary) comfort in his relationships with some of the Big Bads he's gone on to kill.