Ellen page leonardo dicaprio dating

05 Oct

The early favorite seemed to be former One Direction singer Harry Styles, but it wasn't long before Leonardo Di Caprio stole her heart. Lo said before picking the Oscar winner over rocker texted Leo from her phone. MORE: Drake Spotted on Date With Swedish Twins — What About Jennifer Lopez?!

MORE: 'Titanic' Director James Cameron Insists That Both Jack and Rose Couldn't Survive on That Raft! Lo (you know from The Block)." It wasn't long before Leo responded, writing, "You mean tonight, boo boo?

"Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose," James typed.

She also appeared in the crime-drama film An American Crime (2007); the drama The Tracey Fragments (2007), a role that won her the Vancouver Film Critics Award for Best Actress; Smart People (2008); the sports-comedy-drama film Whip It (2009); Super (2010); and Inception (2010).Kristen Zang, a model who dated Leo for two years (1996-1998), accompanied the actor to the premiere of Romeo Juilet.Although a source told The New York Daily News that Kristen was "the love of his life," she dumped him because of his immaturity and "posse of young model-hounds."The daughter of singer John Phillips, Bijou dated Leo in 1998.where she played a game of "Who'd You Rather" and revealed her celebrity crushes to the talk show host. MORE: Marc Anthony and His New 21-Year-Old Girlfriend Are Getting Serious — See Pics! I think too much is given away too often in movie marketing today.” The film’s stars are in on the secret and enjoy keeping it.We’ll tell you that Ellen Page plays a character vital to the creation of dreams, but she wouldn’t want us saying any more.She also provided the voice acting, motion capture, and likeness for the character Jodie Holmes in the video game Beyond: Two Souls (2013).She attended the Halifax Grammar School until grade 10, spent some time at Queen Elizabeth High School, and graduated from the Shambhala School in 2005.“It’s certainly difficult to balance marketing a film and putting it out there, with everybody wanting to keep it fresh for the audience,” Nolan told Dish in LA recently.“My most enjoyable movie-going experiences have always been going to a movie theater, sitting there and the lights go down and a film comes on the screen that you don’t know everything about.