Error updating kaspersky rescue disk image

29 Aug

Even though the rescue disk has an option to update the virus definitions from the internet, it is not very useful as the updates are not saved. After the update is done you will see two files - and 6 .You have to download all the updates each and every time you use the rescue disk. Download the above the Updater as a zip from and extract it to directory of your choice. Rename kav_rescue_10as and copy it to the above directory. You can either burn to a CD and use it or you can boot it from a USB Drive. You can use the official tool to make your USB Drive bootable with Kasperksy Rescue Disk at You can now boot the rescue disk from your USB Drive.File history, Hyper-V, fast startup (hybrid boot), Refresh PC, and Reset PC are some of the best features of Windows 8.Refresh PC feature is very useful to troubleshot and fix various Windows related issues without loosing personal files and apps. But what if your PC fails to boot and you don’t have your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installation media with you?A new feature in Windows 8/8.1 lets you create a recovery drive so that you can access troubleshooting tools and fix issues without booting into Windows.When you boot using the recovery disk you will have options to refresh your PC, reset your PC, restore your PC using a previously created system restore point, recover Windows using a specific system image file, and automatically fix startup issues using the automatic repair option.The procedure is simple but you need to install Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) first to get some files.We would like to thank fujianabc @ boot-land forum for this workaround.

As you likely know, while one can install Windows 7 from an external hard drive, one can’t install the same to an external hard drive with default settings.Requirements:# An external hard drive formatted with NTFS# Windows 7 installation files (if you have Windows 7 ISO use Virtual Clone Drive freeware to mount it)# Windows Automated Installation Kit (free download from Microsoft)NOTE: Make sure that you have a minimum of 15 GB free space on your external hard drive before starting the procedure.Although we are not going to delete the contents of external hard drive, we recommend backing up your external hard drive contents before trying this guide. Create two folders named Windows Files and WAIK Files on your desktop or any other drive which has a minimum of 5 GB free space.Click Yes for the User Account Control prompt to launch Create a recovery drive wizard.If you are asked to enter the admin password, please do so.When I try to update it, I get an error message: Error updating Kaspersky Rescue Disk image (could not download Kaspersky Rescue Disk database from the Internet.Probably network connection is missing or there is not enough space on hard drive).Hello experts, I am here to criticize the Kaspersky Antivirus Software.Recently I have installed from the real CD, license key as well as everything.Error update Kaspersky Rescue Disk image (Unexpected error).I have even unticked the box, so that a new rescue disk image is downloaded, but the same error appears.