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18 Mar

The order in which it does this depends on your version of Outlook (see the table below).While you can’t directly change the sync order, you can still influence it by selecting the folder that you want to have synched.Heavy calendar users have noticed performance issues when using Outlook and other desktop clients.Below are some of the steps we have found to improve client performance in Office 365 (Exchange Online) for many of the cases we observed.Important: Some of the information below asks you to make changes to your software and/or usage of them.We recommend that you discuss these changes with your local IT administrator prior to making these changes.

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The trick to adding a public folder calendar to the Other Calendars list is to switch to the folder list and drag the calendar folder to your Public Folder\Favorites area.Im using thunderbird 38.3.0 (linux, Ubuntu), lightning and Exchange EWS Provider 3.4.0. @bavincen Could this be somehow related to #336 and #295 ?Hi, I've got the same issue, just when using calendars form "public folders" from MS Exchange 2010. I've got W7 SP1, thunderbird 38.3.0, lightning and Exchange EWS Provider 3.5.0-beta1. I know that these affect the tasks functionality, but the behaviour seems very much the same? I run Davmail now and when a new item is created through this plugin, davmail doesn't update either.The public folder calendar automatically becomes available in the Other Calendars list.One caution: If the calendar folder is using a custom Outlook form, access the folder only through the folder list.You will need to create a Public Folder mailbox if you do not already have one.This is done in the Now that you have a Public Folder Mailbox it’s time to create the root public folder. Click Public Folders at the top of the screen and click the plus button to create a new folder.If this does not work with you, can you please provide more information about what Outlook you use?Thanks Sigi In Outlook 2010 you must (or can) right click on the calendar in public folders and choose add to favorites.Activeadministrative rolesauditing Average Mailbox Sizebest practicescogmotivecomplianceconnectivitydirsyncexchange onlineexchange online protection Forwarding Inactive Last Logonlimit Litigation Hold Litigation Hold Date Litigation Hold Duration Litigation Hold Enabled Litigation Hold Owner Mailboxmailbox auditing Mailbox Quota Messagemessage counts Microsoft reporting servicesmobilesmultitasking My SQLOffice 365Office 365 License Reportoffice 365 reports Powershellpublic folders Reportssecurity Share Point Online Sitesspam Start-Jobstatisticssupportthreads Traffic Reporttroubleshoot Many businesses require a shared contact list that is accessible by all users, for example a list of client email addresses and phone numbers.In this article we will create a Shared Contact list in an Office 365 tenant that will be accessible by all staff members with an Office 365 mailbox.