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30 Dec

Draw the program’s capture frame over the video in You Tube and adjust the frame size to fit your chosen video by pulling the edges of the frame.

You can also open the Capture Area list to choose from a range of preset frame sizes; you’ll find special presets for You Tube there, too.

Snapshot allows you to print those captured images, save them to Windows' clipboard or even save them as bitmap files.

You can also use it to capture screenshots right when you want it, it doesn't just work on a pre-set schedule for your convenience and better use.

Download, convert, merge and even record videos as they're playing Like Any Video Converter, a Tube Catcher can do lots of things: in addition to video downloading it can create and convert all kinds of video, find clips you've watched from your internet history and merge multiple files together.

You Tube is probably the most popular video-sharing website in the world.

This guide applies to both the Windows and Mac versions of the program.

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