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08 Dec

Heelusions started out as concept drawn on a napkin.

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Having decided that, you must be willing to submit yourself to a program that will enable you to deepen your God-given convictions. We have already given the Biblical guidelines on this point.Question: I have used Catholic Match on and off for several years now, with no success.I think about the thousands of single lonely people using this website and wonder why are we not connecting with each other?One pair of heels with Heelusions has never taken a woman farther when it comes to style, money, protection and convenience.Why settle for one look when you can have three, six or a dozen?Make up your mind that you will not go with anyone who violates God's command against the unequal yoke.Make up your mind that you will not allow yourself to become involved with anyone your parents disapprove of.You have some innate or natural insight into what is right and wrong, and your convictions cause you to lean strongly toward what is right. You must examine your convictions, before you ever get serious about anyone of the opposite sex.Your convictions make your conscience sensitive to right and wrong. No doubt, if YOU have received any kind of Biblical training and teaching, you already have enough convictions to keep you out of serious trouble. Individual Coaching – 99$ per 60 min session/Individual Coaching (assessment)- 139$ per 90 min session: We provide personalized, client-focused coaching to help individuals reach their personal and professional goals.Some reasons people seek Career orientation 60$ per 50 min session/Career orientation 80$ per 75 min session: we help students to pick their ideal future occupations.