Healthy dating activities

07 Dec

They need to be clear on the healthy and unhealthy components of their relationships.

Communication is a key part to building a healthy relationship.

We believe that you are in charge of each of your relationships.

In order to stay in charge, teens need to make conscious choices about relationships, understand what they expect from other people, and have open communication with partners about intimate issues.

Meanwhile, even though you might feel bad or feel for someone who's been mistreated, you need to take care of yourself — it's not healthy to stay in a relationship that involves abusive behavior of any kind.

Our slogan is: Run your relationships; don't let them run you.Review the Facilitator Tips at the end of this activity and make copies of any handouts you'd like to use in this session.Materials Students will need: When the participants arrive, explain that this session will focus on dating relationships.Grade Levels: 9-12 This activity would be most effective if delivered in one 70-minute session.Prerequisites Before beginning this activity, watch the video listed below or preview the clips on the Web.Relationships can play a major role in our lives, especially during the teen years. Sometimes we associate with people who may not have our best interests in mind.It's vital that you learn to recognize a healthy relationship from a harmful one.By setting boundaries together, you can both have a deeper understanding of the type of relationship that you and your partner want.Boundaries are not meant to make you feel trapped or like you’re “walking on eggshells.” Creating boundaries is not a sign of secrecy or distrust — it’s an expression of what makes you feel comfortable and what you would like or not like to happen within the relationship.There is a series of statements posted around the room.Each participant should take a marker and complete the sentence on the chart paper for themselves. Once each participant has completed each statement, they should return to their seat.