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28 Apr

Hong Kong, China: Travel now live with earth TV in real time!

With live streaming webcams around the planet earth TV takes you in real time on a digital tour to the most beautiful places around the world.

While he’s there David asks him to help terminate one of the Dragon’s dealers who is skimming money.

David fires the dealer, telling him he’s lucky he doesn’t have his hands broken for what he’s done.

Dragon's chief of security, Josh Randall (Chuck Norris) goes looking for the head of the syndicate to exact revenge for the murder of his employer, friend and mentor.

Josh Randall is the head of security for the Lucky Dragon casino in Hong Kong.

The important fails from this movie appear on the ending.

Context matters, but everything and anything funny employs the two universal elements of exaggeration and/or surprise. Know the difference between single-camera and multi-camera comedies. Your comedy quirks and neuroses are more apparent and on the surface.

Observatory scientific officer Tam Yee-ting said the number of lightning strikes was 'very high' and the total number had surpassed the record 24-hour total of 9,966 cloud-to-ground strikes in July 2005, according to the South China Morning Post.

The earth TV camera has returned to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, capturing the view from the legendary The Peninsula Hotel across the stunning skyline of the Chinese metropolis.

The set-up provides the information that gives the joke context and allows it to make sense. The bartender comes over and says, ‘Why the long face? (My husband has no sense of humor.) There can be a lot of set-up or just a little, but it’s got to be there and it’s got to give the exaggerated or surprising punchline meaning. ’ ” OK, an old joke but you see the structure and elements of surprise and exaggeration. Flip the meaning of the words and say it in a surprising way. When your body tells you, “Wow that was loose and made me laugh,” you found it.

The set-up sets the circumstance that makes the punchline funny. The punchline, obviously, delivers the joke—an exaggerated or surprising response to the information provided in the set-up. As the set-up and punchline work together, you must remain active in the scene whether you are setting up or delivering the joke. And when all else fails, just fall back on another comedy rule: say your line bigger, broader, faster, and funnier. If you’re talking about being happy, reverse it and say it with sadness.