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26 Mar

I've got a DLink wireless router that I could put into WAP-Only mode or use as-is (i.e. "Internet" connection on the router to Ethernet receptacle on the cable modem and the PC-to-router? (like maybe Comcast monitoring for multiple users or something...) -- Pete Cresswell Hi I think that the Arris Touchstone Telephony Modem is a modem only.

Thus if you want to use the connection with more than one computer you have to use a Wireless Router as a Router. You should plug in the router, then unplug the Arris, then power both on.

And because every wireless router has a different firmware (i.e., the operating system running the hardware), I'm going to keep this as general as possible — it will be so simple that even a third grader could manage to get this working. So, the first step is to make sure you have the name of the current working router. Unfortunately, many people don't bother changing this from the default, so a lot of them wind up being the router's brand name such as Linksys.

I highly recommend you log in to your router's admin page and change the name of your router.

In the course of her US visit, it is possible that the 26-year-old vixen may have hooked up with American rapper, Fetty Wap.

Two days ago, she shared a selfie in which she posed at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, and in the comment section, Fetty Wap’s personal booking handle sent her a message asking where she would be that night and where she was staying.

Please make sure your router has a security password associated with the SSID.

If you can log in to the wireless without a password, that must change. If your router doesn't have a password, this will be set up in the same administration console in which the SSID was configured (the password will vary, depending upon which router you have).

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