Intp guide to dating

06 Oct

This type of individual is mostly concerned with what’s going on in his or her own little world instead of what might be taking place in reality.

Being gifted with such a wonderful thought process, “thinkers” are more likely to view reality as a let-down as they compare it to the possibilities that they often think about.

The INTP personality is referred to as the “thinker.” This kind of person has a bright and curious mind that is always mulling over possibilities, theories, and what-ifs.

The dominant features of the personality is the introverted thinker.

Even if not directly engaging with them, they can feel enlivened by the background presence of others (assuming they are not perceived as obnoxious or intrusive).

They are slow to speak negatively of others, able to forgive and forget what other types might find offensive.They enjoy placing logical means and understanding to things, and the fact that they cannot logic away their emotions, is somewhat confusing to the INTP.But regardless those emotions are there, and if tapped into appropriately, they can be amazing for a partner.This analytical personality loves to mull over things and will often wander so deeply into the recesses of their own mind that to an outsider, they may appear disinterested, detached, or even anti-social.Some of history’s most famous scientific and philosophic minds fall into the “thinker” category, such as Socrates, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.Be flexible The Perceiving aspect of the INTP personality makes them flexible, easy-going people.They usually prefer to remain open to new information and experiences rather than try to live according to a plan or a strict schedule.Because of this struggle with expression, INTPs can be seen as cold and unfeeling, which could not be further from the truth.They often avoid their own emotions because let’s face, they are a little frightening.Emotions for them are very real, and often very strong.They aren’t the best at outwardly expressing these emotions that is for sure.