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11 Sep

There were so many things that get in your way, and sometimes, those things were people.

People like Annie, and oh, for the love of Maria, Christa.

If I do get around to posting that Christa, anyone mind if I keep the regular Reader format? Reader Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)[AU] Levi x Tall!

Reader Dance For Me As much as you get admired for it, you hated being tall.

Its worth talking about nothing and sexting you telling us your name etc.

Me on playing together kisses and sex by games it is viewed drguie and admire I like gym rolling waveboarding swiming.

Premium jäsenenä saat käyttöösi kaverilistat, yhteys muihin käyttäjiin säilyy vaikka itse et olisi aktiivinen.The fact that his steel coloured eyes snapped up to yours in a cold glare the very moment he heard the sound, you put some effort into it.Today, you’ve managed to impress your squad leader with an unmatched display of complete and utter idiocy. But really, how could you have known that the horse you decided to borrow for a joyride was his?Reader Format Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack On Titan Pairing: Reader x Levi Genre: Lime/Romance/lol Setting: Old HQSummary: Just who doesn't like daring others, you just don't like getting them...Disclaimer: I do not own you or SNK but I do own all of your action within this story! "As you marched towards the mess hall, you saw him speaking with Hanji in the hall, oh god...And that its personality was at least as much, if not more, crabby than its owner’s?And that it would throw you off and send you falling into the line of pristine white clothing drying in the sun and then go on a galloping rampage that would destroy the vegetable garden the shorty was so fond of?Palvelu tarjoaa mahdollisuuden mielenkiintoiseen seikkailuun aikuisten kesken; olitpa sitten liikkeellä seikkailumielellä, tositarkoituksella tai vain etsien keskustelukumppania keskusteluun joka tapahtuu verkon välityksellä. Se mihin seikkailu lopulta johtaa riippuu vain sinusta ja hänestä.Livechat Premium -jäsenyyden kautta palvelun käyttömahdollisuudet monipuolistuvat ja tehostuvat. Premium-jäsenellä Livechat-palvelu kulkee mukana kännykässä tai tabletilla.If you happened to be fresh out of initial training and thought that by donning the Survey Corps’ ‘Wings of Freedom’ you were finally free from the gruelling hours of murderous training and humiliating punishments for man, you felt a little underwhelmed.There you were, waiting for the man of legends to show up; expecting someone towering above everyone else, dropping people to their knees with a killer glare, barking out inspirational speeches that would send you flying over the walls and into a fighting fray in a matter of seconds.