Lingerie dating

28 Apr

It isn't hurting anyone, and obviously you go you enjoy it?Why not try to discuss it with her and make it a more regular thing..if you don't get off on it, give her one night a month that is for her fetish.Sweet Vintage Lingerie store for all your vintage lingerie needs!Enjoy our guide on dating your vintage lingerie garments.‘Ja, maar lingerie is zo duur’, zeggen veel vrouwen dan. Er zijn zelfs winkels waar ze nu en dan een lingerie stockverkoop hebben. You can either print off the option I did, OR print off a second version which allows you to put your own spin on it by adding some lace or other embellishments to make the card extra special (pictures shown below)!

Buying vintage lingerie on e Bay can be quite fun and a learning experience.

Tip twee: je draagt natuurlijk geen sport-bh of sportief broekje.

Bedenk dat een sexy lingeriesetje je lichaam er veel beter uit laat komen.

Including a Vanity Fair history guide, Vanity Fair labels & much more. A short little ditty about Sweet Vintage Lingerie, owned by Shelley Brice-Boyle.

Selling, specializing, collecting, and not to mention wearing vintage lingerie for nearly 11 years, and selling on e Bay for approx 13 years.