My dad is dating a gold digger

25 Oct

I pleaded with him to stop dating her but he thought I was being irrational because I was so young.

Finally when I was around 15 years old, she ended up stealing over 500 dollars from him for drugs and other things and that finally set my dad off to leave her for good.

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You can investigate this yourself but it takes a lot longer and you may not be aware of the places you need to search or have to pay to access the site. The new spouse will probably be estranged from most members of their own family and claim their family are bipolar, crazy, dead, ill or live interstate.

Since then he hasn't had another girlfriend, BUT recently something fishy has been happening again.

My dad and birth mother had a friend named marnie that knew me since I was a little baby. Almost 16 or 17 years she's known my dad and never had interest in him.

Kanye West was sure to warn the masses about gold diggers for this exact reason. Your devilish date has a bigger sense of entitlement than the Queen of England. To find out for sure, buy her a cheap but thoughtful gift. If she only wants to lavish you with affection after you’ve shelled out for expensive dates and gifts, she’s not interested in anything but your bank account.

Before you get in too deep with a new romantic prospect, ask yourself the following questions about the girl you're seeing. She wants to throw a party that would make Jay Gatsby blush. She’s incredibly demanding and happily puts down everyone else around her. Make sure you know who you’re getting into bed with!