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15 Nov

An eating disorder is a term used to describe conditions characterised by difficulties in eating, emotional distress, and the consequences of these difficulties.

Often overcoming an eating disorder can involve more than just focusing on food intake.

The word “spinster” used to conjure up a vivid and not entirely flattering picture.

In rural Ireland in the 20th century, spinsters were something of a social curiosity.

You can call that anything you like – Hush-Hush, Cowardice, Prudery, Decency . Unsurprisingly, given their institutional power, court cases involving Catholic priests were an absolute no-go area for the press.

In 1941 a High Court case in which two schoolboys sued one of their teachers, Rev John Kearney, was completely ignored by the Irish press but received sustained coverage in the British press.

Yet its fabulousness was so bombastic and its message so pearly-toothed that it was bound to burn itself out.

She said that migrants are often tricked into working in the industry by being promised a better life once they come here.

Mired in a Catholic culture of self-abnegation where sexual desire and sexuality were repressed, spinsters were often depicted as emotionally barren husks.

The great irony was that for most of the last century, Ireland had lower levels of marriage than other western countries.

It can be that you don’t enjoy going to the cinema with friends, or going for a meal with your family on a special occasion.

Lunchtime in school might present problems for you, also. All eating disorders involve unhealthy eating patterns that begin gradually and build to the point where a person feels unable to control them.