Plaync account problem validating dating someone younger than yourself

22 Oct

Pretty bad for people to be unable to log into their accounts to do what they want (reactivate/pay, deactivate, etc.). It looks cute[r] now, but this is not cool - at all. And failed to reactivate his account (Server Timeout). Server timeouts 100% of the time, and everyone I've called is having the same issue. I didn't know I had made an account, I have no idea what's my username. what's stopping you from getting one when GW2 gets released?I didn't get the extra storage pane because of that malchior is correct, i'm wondering how they are going to port Ho M bonus to my GW2 account, if my GW1 account is not linked to a plaync master account. After all, they attached that free storage pane promotion to it for some reason. because as far as i know, there's no way to link a pre-existing GW account to a plaync master account.

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Because games stay on retail shelves for such a short period of time, if the company can't sell the game online the game will die a certain death.

Logically if you can access your account just fine now without doing the link, then there should not have a problem accessing your Ho M in GW2.

Also, linking of our GW account to plaync was something horrible they made us do to get the extra storage pane... Yes but I believe he is referencing being able to link Guild Wars 1 with Guild Wars 2 to access the special rewards for having a decked out Ho M in Guild Wars 1.

I was thinking it was on my end, it's good to know that it wasn't. I thought originally that it was a temporary issue, but it seems it's not.

I have to agree with Trensharo here, it took me literally 10 minutes, if not more, to be able to deactivate my two accounts, and that was like last week...