Public two way sex chat

21 Nov

Anyone who voted this question up, I encourage you to go HERE and vote up this proposal for a PM system.

It proposes in great detail a workable PM system for Stack Overflow, and has (at the moment) been voted down a lot. Nothing irritates me more than reading constant "are you available to talk" messages and then having to keep writing "no"; it's quite obviously counter to my desires.

I would love to have this for two reasons: (1) I like to thank people for their contributions and sometimes my comments left behind don't get seen.

(2) And sometimes I have short questions unrelated to the topic at hand that don't need much of a reply. At the very least, there should be a way to poke someone and say, "Hey, I'd like to ask you about X. " And then give the user the option of allowing an exchange or not...

During the height of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, many lawyer pundits talked about impeachment. open[s] the organization up to civil liability for harassment"). See Shawn Willett, No Message Left Unread -- Securities Software Acts as E-Mail Censor, Computer Reseller News, July 14, 1997: Several brokerage houses are beta testing software, dubbed Assentor, which analyzes E-mail messages for everything from U. Securities and Exchange Commission violations to political correctness. 5, 1998, at 80 ("[E]mployers increasingly are using e-mail surveillance software to guard against sexual harassment lawsuits and the loss of trade secrets .

Matlock was replaced by Sid Vicious (real name John Ritchie) early in 1977.

Under the management of Malcolm Mc Laren, a visual artist, performer, clothes designer and boutique owner, the band provoked controversies that garnered a significant amount of publicity.

Their concerts repeatedly faced difficulties with organisers and local authorities, and public appearances often ended in mayhem.

In January 1978, at the end of a turbulent tour of the United States, Rotten left the Sex Pistols and announced their break-up.

Over the next several months, the three other band members recorded songs for Mc Laren's film version of the Sex Pistols' story, The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle.