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15 Mar

When asked by the American press in the 1980s what it was like to have been one of the first women to study at Princeton, she replied: "An excellent preparation for living in the Arab world." She met King Hussein when she was working on development of the Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan, when she was 25 and married him the following year (Hussein’s third wife, Queen Alia, had died in a car crash).As a wedding present Hussein renamed her Noor al Hussein (Light of Hussein) and she dropped Lisa Halaby.Queen Noor, widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, is reportedly being wooed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú.According to an admittedly shaky source, the Jordanian royal visits Mexico City with some regularity and has even taken Spanish lessons.This happened recently when an unexpected phone call whisked me away to Amman, Jordan on a Virgin Unite Connection Trip hosted by Her Majesty Queen Noor benefiting the King Hussein Foundation and Virgin Unite.

She said: "Over time there will be a range of issues that are UK issues to which I am sure she will contribute." Queen Noor, 61, who is speaking about women's legal rights at a conference in London next month, was born and brought up in America before she married her late husband King Hussein in 1978, when she was 26.Don't expect to read about this potential romance in The New York Times, however—Slim, the world's third richest man, is also The Times's largest shareholder outside of the Sulzberger clan.Slim, a widower, lost his wife to a kidney ailment in 1999, the same year that King Hussein passed away after complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.I'm curious about Queen Noor's relationships with her stepkids - can anyone give me some insight? However, Noor's relationship with her stepchildren really hasn't affected her children's relationships with their brothers and sisters. Plus, a letter from P Hasan to KA and CP Hamzah, they are very interesting, read them !!!! they spent most of the day at Q Zein's- then, when they were , Hayah and Abeer were the 1st, about 11, they were sent abroad to school- the reason why- don't know .... I only know that Ali and Hayah dislike Q Noor, Hayah refers to her as- my father's wife- QN did admit once, in an interview, that something did not work btw her and KH's kids.Are they close, are there any she doesn't get along with? I was surprised that Haya doesn't have anything about Noor on her site, or if she did I missed it. It has been reported several times by several different sources. I also have a feeling Ali and Hamzah are not so close as 2 brothers should be.Chin up, Maja—at least you have a million private jet to look forward to.(To be fair, the planned purchase next spring will apparently money, since it will eliminate the need for members of the royal family to charter expensive flights for official trips.)Tomorrow, Zara Phillips, grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, is competing at the Barbury Castle Horse Trials, held at Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, England.If Zara seems distracted, it might be she's worried about the eerie crop circles that put Barbury Castle in the news last summer.The late King of Jordan’s daughter Princess Haya has grown up treading a delicate line between the West and Islamic tradition.Upon arriving in Amman, I was taken by the beauty of this safe haven, with the monochromatic sandstone colors of the desert seamlessly blending with the buildings.The first night our group attended a dinner hosted by Her Majesty Queen Noor, which included many accomplished Jordanians in a variety of professions.