Recorded cyber chat

27 Aug

Jaishankar define cybercrimes as: "Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (networks including but not limited to Chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and mobile phones (Bluetooth/SMS/MMS)".

Issues surrounding these types of crimes have become high-profile, particularly those surrounding hacking, copyright infringement, unwarranted mass-surveillance, child pornography, and child grooming.

But all bets should not be off for people using Snapchat.

At least not according to Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and investor in Snapchat rival Cyber Dust.

There are also problems of privacy when confidential information is intercepted or disclosed, lawfully or otherwise. Jaishankar further define cybercrime from the perspective of gender and defined 'cybercrime against women' as "Crimes targeted against women with a motive to intentionally harm the victim psychologically and physically, using modern telecommunication networks such as internet and mobile phones".

Internationally, both governmental and non-state actors engage in cybercrimes, including espionage, financial theft, and other cross-border crimes.

Snapchat's main feature is that its photos messages disappear after a few seconds.

With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, everything is permanent. You can't be your goofy self because your goofy self might be misinterpreted or used against you later in life when you're looking for work.

Users have to be on the up and up because their family is on there, watching them. People are free to share drunken photos, naked photos, or less risque but still embarrassing stuff."It's a major, and easy, attack vector." In today’s collaborative environment, organizations must support a range of end-users accessing privileged accounts including third party vendors, contractors, temporary employees and more.To mitigate external and internal risks, organizations must manage and monitor privileged account sessions without impacting the end-user experience.To deter the misuse of privileges by authorized users, as well as detect malicious activity that could indicate a compromised account, organizations should proactively record and monitor all privileged session activity.Cyber Ark enables organizations to record and monitor user activity during privileged sessions, helping security teams both deter and detect the unauthorized use of privileged accounts.Security and audit teams can easily review these recordings and audit logs to locate the exact moment an event occurred and gain a clear understanding of the scope and severity of an incident.Cyber Ark’s session monitoring and recording capabilities are fully integrated into the Cyber Ark Privileged Account Security Solution, enabling organizations to implement an end-to-end solution that includes proactive protection, comprehensive monitoring, and rapid threat detection all from a single common infrastructure managed behind a single pane of glass.So that person at least knows you have violated his or her trust.On Monday, Cuban showed us how to surreptitiously record Snapchats sent to an i Phone using a Mac running OS X Yosemite. Unlike with screenshots, no message is sent to the sender.Strangers might give gifts to kids like a webcam to do explicit things online."Hackers know that these things are built into the infrastructure and are everywhere and that organizations fail to secure them," says Udi Mokady, CEO of Cyber Ark.