Relevant data and updating projects

27 Jan

We hope that the information and template in this section will help guide you to choose the right information, schedule, and communication vehicles for your project.You could just say that it's important to communicate with all the project's stakeholders and leave it at that, but this approach would guarantee failure.Below is an example of how you could structure your database project (am only showing a few tables and views in the screen shots for brevity).You don't have to structure it this way, but in this project it's sorted first by schema, then by object type (table, view, etc), then by object (table name and its DDL, etc).Ensuring that the right people (such as stakeholders, project team members, project sponsors, etc.) get the right information at the right time for project status and to make decisions on projects requires a great deal of planning.Effective distribution of information relies on the selection of the right tools and methods to ensure you reach the people you need to reach in the manner beset suited for them to evaluate and/or make decisions.Communications are a critical deliverable of every successful project and a key project management soft-skill.You may not have thought of communications as an actual project deliverable, but it is.

The reason: the project manager did not do an adequate job of communicating project success to their stakeholders.It may not be the one your client or customer places the most emphasis on, but that's because every client and customer will take good communications for granted.Project communications is one deliverable that you are personally responsible for and it's one that has a large influence over your project's success or failure.Below I list the key documents and data you should add to your project files: You should be sure that every piece of this data is put into a file.There should be version control to ensure that the project files are updated and changed properly.In this post, I will try to convince you that using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Database Projects is a really good idea.Recently during a project I've been advocating that it indeed is worth the effort.Face-to-face communication allows more easily for gauging others’ reactions to what you are communicating, which allows you to ensure they are hearing what you intend them to hear and understand what you are saying.Meetings may be costly if you need to bring individuals in from other states and/or countries to participate.Each individual stakeholder has a different set of requirements for project information, and prefers different ways of receiving their communications.It will not be possible to define a unique set of communications and communication vehicles for each stakeholder in most projects, so the best you can do is identify the different category of stakeholder and define the required information and communication methods that best suits the group.