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19 Dec

This is the story of Annet, a 26 year old AIDS orphan living in Kigali, Rwanda.Following the deaths of both her parents in 1998, she turned to sex work from the age of 16 as a means to support herself.“We are here to fight against the new penal code that is being debated upon to be put into law”, she added.Despite the emergence of movements that have began advocating for the rights of sexual minority groups, many people in Rwanda continue to deny the existence of homosexuality in the country.

Most of my customers asked me to have unprotected sex.

The idea for such a programme came to her in 2009 when, upon returning to Rwanda, she found a high number of divorces and couples sleeping in separate rooms.

The root cause of it all she says is the absence of communication and partners who do not click sexually.

Associate Evelyn Miah provided production assistance. We would like to thank all the organizations and individuals interviewed for this report for their invaluable assistance.

We particularly thank the rape survivors who agreed, often at great distress to themselves, to recount their experiences.