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08 Apr

When it comes to interpersonal relations, Susan Witt, who teaches childhood development at the University of Akron, says boys and girls respond differently in situations because we parent them differently.

However, some argue that the differences we see are evident from birth, they fix some behaviours as unique for boys, such as ‘boys like motion,’ they are more aggressive’ and girls as soft and good with their hands.

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Even among others who believe that there are differences between boys and girls, one party say the difference is associated with brain development, while others believe it is more social, because parents and society treat kids differently. Michael Gurian, Jossey-Bass, 2001, in his book ‘Boys and Girls learn Differently: A Guide for Teachers and Parents,’ says that according to brain-based research girls are more able to engage in multi-task behaviour, use both sides of the brain when processing information, hear better and are more physically active.

Department of Education argues that people tend to assume that females and males are different is a myth.

Difference between girls and boys is a must know fact if you are part of this world. “We see someone’s sex as an important predictor of their abilities and interests and assume that if we know someone is a girl or a boy, we know a lot about them. Knowing someone’s sex may tell us a lot about them biologically but it tells us very little about them in other ways” they say.

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