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10 Sep

Companies setting up shop are forced to change their livery. It seems astonishing that a town could detest something so much, but Larkhall does.

For it is green that provokes so much ire in this Lanarkshire town just outside Glasgow. So far, the contempt with which the emerald tint is held in the town has prompted the sandwich chain Subway to change its traditional signage to black and the local pharmacies to switch their frontage to blue.

‘Local officers called an ambulance to ensure she did not require any medical attention.

This is a great chance for third sector organisations in South Lanarkshire to give members of the public information about their organisation and have a chat with potential volunteers.

Around 30 organisations have already signed up to participate in the treasure trail and are encouraging people of all ages to get involved in the fun activity and the chance to collect some treasure too.

But this week the supermarket chain Asda defiantly said it would not be changing its traditional green logo, should it open a new store in Larkhall.

There had been suggestions, apparently from locals and certainly from one local newspaper, that the store would present a unique blue frontage, but this was denied by a spokeswoman, who said: "We use this across Scotland and the UK, and feel it is popular and well recognised." But that has not gone down well.