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The entire movie plays out on a Mac Book screen, where six high school students —plus a mysterious seventh party — virtually reconvene on the one-year anniversary of their classmate Laura Barns’ death.

The dead girl’s suicide, which plays out as a shaky viral clip at the movie’s start, was prompted by a humiliating video and the harassment of people she took to be her friends. Given that horror-movie victims are rarely as innocent as they seem, it’s no surprise that “Unfriended’s” teens turn out to be more involved in Laura’s death than we at first suspect.

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(Rather than a score, the music comes from Blaire’s Spotify acccount.) Instead of ominous figures lurking in the shadows, menace is conveyed by notifications from Facebook, where Laura’s account has suddenly gone active and started sending out messages.

Where the “Paranormal Activity” movies train their audiences to fear the slightest hint of movement in an apparently empty room, “Unfriended” provokes chills with the pulsating dots of an in-progress IM.

In fact, there’s almost nothing surprising about “Unfriended,” except for the way it steers us through its entirely predictable series of revelations and gruesome deaths.

The entire movie — well, almost the entire movie — is confined to the desktop of Laura’s former friend Blaire, who flips between Skype, i Message and various Safari windows like a veteran multitasker.