Tim wheeler and emmy the great dating

17 Sep

Take pop goose girl Emmy The Great, a doe-eyed creature so infuriatingly adorable that normally the sight or sound of her sends me into paroxysms of bitter rage and brings my cruellest instincts clawing to the fore.

In a review of her debut album ‘First Love’, I seethed, “The warm blanket of Emmy’s twinkly confessional soon starts feeling a bit wet, and by the lacklustre strums of the title track you’re mentally slicing through her strings with your punk-rock garden shears.” UNLESS!

Having released one of 2011's most popular Christmas albums Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler return to mark the festive season with This Is Christmas available digitally, on CD and a very special limited edition vinyl available from the ASH online store.

PHOTOS BY FRANK SUNBetter known by her stage name, Emmy the Great, Emma-Lee Moss writes endearing and honest-seeming songs. MOSS: I want to see [Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut] and it's about the apocalypse, and a comic book artist, and it just seems a bit perfect. But just really understanding Jane, just relating to her, made me enjoy writing her.

Yuletide, after all, is all about sugar and sentimentality, and Tim’n’Emmy dive headfirst into sweet-overload with a bouncy, power-pop, sleigh bell-shimmying cover of seasonal standard ‘Marshmallow World’.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right, as a wise man once said, and his influence is also there on ‘Snowflakes’, a big Wham!

I got off the plane, it was a really long flight from New York, with a layover, and I was pretty tired, but I saw the mountains, and the lights—I've never actually seen anything like this place. That was just me being like, "Guys, last night I was up all night listening to one of Ilan's themes, and I wrote this Weezer-like song. '" And when we saw the last scene, I was like, "Screw Weezer—let's make this a J-Pop crazed, too much sugar, Disney princess kind of song." And it was so much fun. Not horrible—wonderful—like the best videos in the world. " But now I've gotten to a point where I'm just going to express myself, and that's really different for me, to not come almost in an overly cerebral way. BROWN: I know this is a really early song, but I love "My Party," it's so whimsical and hilarious.

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Moss was born in Hong Kong to an English father and a Chinese mother.

You put her in bobble hat and tinsel and fairy lights and team her up with her equally cartoonishly cute boyfriend, Ash’s Tim Wheeler, for a Christmas album.

Put your secateurs away: once advent has begun, Emmy’s most annoying traits, via the magic of Christmas, become boons.

It spawned the singles We Almost Had A Baby and First Love.

The album was received with generally positive reviews, while The New York Times compiled their list of "Best Albums of the Year 2009" and ranked First Love at #7.