Updating a meade 497 controller

31 Mar

You will need an "unzip" utility for your PC or Macintosh to unzip some of the archives.The official Autostar Software source remains the Meade web site.Updating Auto Star II from v1.1 to 4.01 Problem --3 parts Updating LX200GPS Auto Star II to v1.2a (Contains issues related to later updates) --3 parts Retain PEC Training When Updating Auto Star Auto Star II: Version 1.7 Update Issues Autostar Version and Age of LX200GPS Upgrade Autostar 495 to 497?Autostar Command Set --2 parts Auto Star II Commands/Programming Set Control Set Undocumented Command -- Guide Speed Slewing Parking the GPS Autostar to PC Cable Instructions Low Level Autostar Debugging Computed Bodies in the GPS Autostar Computer Interface / Autostar Update Problems --2 parts SMT Software & Lost of Contact with The_Sky Remote Handbox via Auto Star Suite --2 parts GPS Autostar Sync to Selected Star GPS Alignment Stars Not in FOV Using Auto Star for Solar Alignment --2 parts Updating Satellite Orbital Elements New Meade wireless remote Autostar Controller --details on Meade site (April 2005) Go To: You've got to get out and play with it.You've got to answer the initialization questions correctly: location, date, time, daylight savings, etc.correctly or everything you do afterwards will be fruitless.

Downloads have not been virus-checked and are supplied as-is for those users who feel they need to regress their Autostar #495, #497, #497EP, or Auto Star III (through version 1.2g) to a previous version.

If you pick the easy align with the two star option for the most accurate alignment, the Autostar programming logic will select two stars that are in the database for your time and location that will provide an accurate Al/Atz alignment.

This is supplied by Software Bisque and is available from the Downloads section of the Software Bisque site, the file is called Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Installs a driver that connects to Software Bisque's The Sky X/6/5 Astronomy Software and makes it look like a standard ASCOM telescope.

Without a registration key Star Patch operates as a trial version with the following limitations: Star Patch includes patches that can be individually selected for use with the Autostar 497/497EP, Audiostar or Autostar II. All of the additional patches are copyright Dick Seymour and Andrew Johansen (used with permission).

For a complete list of the additional patches see Requirements NOTE: Star Patch does not entirely replace the Meade Autostar Update program (ASU).