Updating figure numbers in word

07 Mar

From the pulldown menu that appears, select Update Field.

Your screen will be similar to the image below: Note: Updating the LOT, LOF and LOO is very similar to updating the Table of Contents, except the word Table, Figure or Object appear on every entry.

But when I update the TOC it does not add that figure. I made sure that formatting before and after the figure is the same as all the other figures.

Right-click with your mouse and then click on the 'Update Field' option, which will only update the figures in your document.

Basic Concept- Add your image- Add a caption- Add a Bookmark- Reference your figure with the Word field called "SEQ"Now when you move your figure and caption around the document, the sequence number will change in your figure and your reference to it can be updated by updating all of the fields in the document (Ctrl A to select the whole document and F9 to refresh all the fields.)Web version html | DOC(the Word document itself is an example of how this works)Sorry for redirecting you away from Instructables but this just doesn't work so well here.

It is much more helpful to look at the Word document itself to see how it is done.

, I mean a sequence of numbers positioned within regular text.

updating figure numbers in word-21

If you're updating the List of Objects, you will type the word Object followed by a blank space into the "Find" field.

*************** There are three main steps in this procedure — updating the table and figure caption numbering, then updating any cross-references that refer to these tables (including any List of Tables of List of Figures you’ve inserted).

When finished, all your cross-references should now reflect the new numbering sequences.

As you can see in Figure B, the first field returns (1).

To create the inline numbering sequence, copy the code and the surrounding parentheses.