Watersports dating sites uk

08 Sep

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I do have an insatiable appetite for sex especially oral sex.

I think there’s always been a certain amount of kin going on. You suddenly realise you’re no the only one who likes to be chained up to a tree and left there with the thrill of wondering whether you’re going to be discovered or not… The word vanilla is seen as an insult but actually BDSM types on the scene are really quite rule bound.

We’re quite repressed and sexual expression will find it’s way out somehow! So their sex might be less spontaneous than so called ‘vanilla sex’ because they plan what’s going to happen whereas people indulging in vanilla sex might just go moment by moment.

The documentary is headed up by psychotherapist Philippa Perry and sexologist Goedele Liekens, it takes a look at the top ten kinks we love as a nation.

We spoke to Philippa to find out just how naughty we are...