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04 Nov

About Us Christian Chat is a moderated online Christian community allowing Christians around the world to fellowship with each other in real time chat via webcam, voice, and text.You can also start or participate in a posted discussion in our Christian forum.Our used car inventory offers both domestic and foreign used cars.Buying a second-hand car from PAW comes with a 30 day Warranty. If you see the vehicle that catches your eye you may inquire about it via the Contact Form provided on our site, by E-Mail, by Phone, or in our Facility. You will need to provide the following documents in person : Proof of Income, Drivers License and Proof of Insurance.March Nicknames Mascotts Battle Honours Uniforms Corps of Drums The Militia / T. Served with 8 platoon, Y Coy I remember mick hughes saying he was going to put his size 9 up my azz as we were walking around a big lake in darwin, somethings u never 4get, how r the grot mags mick? I still keep in touch with: * Mouse Matthews* Rob Mc Dermott* Ken Ruston I occasionally bump in to: * Tez Terrett* John Boy Walton who both live locally. Since leaving I have been living in Perth Western Australia and love it. any minden co would remember the big stink when I drove a landrover of the end of the runway in Gib and cut the radar cables (oops) Xmass time i think but very very drunk website: I was a member of A coy 1 platoon & anti-tank from 82-87 if anyone know's me please contact me it will be nice to catch up. 19 years Nice to hear from any one of you, especially the (drawf, remember darwin when chappy got a severe beating, because there was a message on the blackboard after you had come back from instructing on the n.cadre at black hill house welcoming you back, but i deliberatly spelt it wrong so you would go and ask every one in the platoon how to spell dwarf, it was odds on favourite chappy would spell it wrong and so got a good couple of kidney punches) Bob Elson, can't wait to hear from you and Ginge Hilton Hope to hear from you soon.1983 - 1988 Good to see many old ` muckers ` on here I was in Y Coy in Berlin and Tidworth then moved to the Signals platoon to have an easy life before I got out.No seriously Pete Manning is he still alive.1954-1981 - A real thriving web site, I am most impressed. On promotion to Lt Col, I commanded 6/7 PWRR with a company in Portsmouth78-93 could'nt put it of no longer so I nicked a computer and have been dragged into the 22nd century. Served with the 2nd Fourth Battalion Hampshire Regiment Second World War. Clerk and Drum Major Hunt with whom he served in Northern Ireland during the Second World War1982 - 1987 Trained at IJLB shorncliff,joined battalion in dover served with 2 platoon in Berlin where i transfered to Drums Plt till i left in 87. I'm in contact with most of the lads who live over here througth the Minden Club which is a club we formed over here in 1998. Met up with many old mates at the reunions,still hoping to bump into Dave"Dog"Wickens. I'm now living in beautiful Colorado, but remember those times as great ones. 10 in 1 R Hamps - still serving Served Dover, Berlin ect and still serving in 2 PWRR. Anyone from A coy 1982 - 1989, COP in Londonderry or Y Coy 1991/2 or anyone who knows me give me an e-mail1980-1990 Served in the regiment from 80-90 would mainly with A and Z. Hoping to find someone who served with me during those very eventful years,22 Years. In 1962 TO 1964 I was posted to the Devon and Dorset Regiment. Looking for CSM Webb, Roy Bull Davis, Gunner Allen, Lofty Webb, Robinson, Les Harper, Baverstoke, Donkey Knight, and my best mate Curly Thompson, Were have all the goodguys gone?

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