Who is dating james franco

29 Dec

Turns out that Laird is a complete dummy who has zero social grace or verbal filter but he does have a heavily tattooed body that proclaims his love for Stephanie.

Oh and he’s a multi, multi-millionaire with an elaborate house spread that includes roaming buffalo, a moose encased in its own urine and state of the art (and pleasurable) Japanese toilets.

The couple decide to invite her family to visit them in California, and almost immediately her father becomes overly protective, while her mother (Mullally) and younger brother (Gluck) quickly find Laird to be charming and lovable.

Producer Shawn Levy (who also backed ) said the story originated with Jonah Hill and was "based on a girl [Hill] was dating and the tension between him and that girl's dad.

She apparently gave it to him — because a text message was also leaked. ” As any girl was, she wanted proof it was him — so, he sent a pic waving, which really anyone could just google and find. Her request is his demand as it seems — he sends one of himself holding a sign that says “Lucy” on it.

Cloud, 21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies, The Shortcut and Now You See Me.

The photo was of James with text over it that read, “Why are you thirsty for underage ones?

” Even though the photo was deleted, he shared it on Twitter and didn’t delete the tweet, which read, “I’M NOT! Thank you.” In case you were wondering, after the pics were leaked, Lucy’s account began getting tons of comments, in which she responded saying that she turned him down!

He is the youngest of the three brothers Tom Franco and James Franco.

He studied at the University of Southern California, and originally envisioned himself as a high-school teacher teaching creative writing, until his brother James Franco's manager guided him to a theater class when he was a sophomore, where he started learning acting skills.