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Employees increasingly expect to be able, for example, to dress in accordance with their faith while at work, and be given appropriate times and places for prayer.

The latest admonition came last month in new guidelines from America’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, pointing out the steady rise in religious-discrimination cases (3,721 last year, up from 1,709 in 1997) and setting out what that means.

Sometimes, an employee’s religious beliefs or practices can be in conflict with job requirements.

Under federal and most states’ laws, employers cannot ignore the religious needs of employees but must work with employees to try to accommodate them.

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And religiously attired workers must not be hidden away to avoid upsetting customers of a different faith.There is also a sizeable number of Islamic-and Jewish-oriented new religions, and numerous esoteric, metaphysical, and neo-pagan movements.Although classification is difficult, one of the more successful is that of R.European firms are still absorbing the impact of last year’s victory by a British Airways worker (pictured) who won damages at the European Court of Human Rights after she was denied, temporarily, the right to wear a cross with her uniform.In advice updated last month, Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission urges firms to meet religious needs, even if expressed by only one employee, as long as they do not infringe the rights of others.The challenge, however, can be determining to what extent an employee’s religious objection to a particular work requirement is, in fact, “sincerely held.” One way to do that is to talk with the employee and find out what you can without pressing too hard on what may be private matters.If it is a sincerely held religious belief or practice, employers must provide a reasonable accommodation.anti-Vietnam movement, civil rights movement)Denomination or Death:sects don't survive more than one generation due to the second generation being less committed, the ideology not being sustainable in the long-term, loss of a charasmatic leader Life cycles of NRMs: rejecting (change stance as time passes, few survive in long-term), affirming (adapts to suit market e.g. A generic term referring to the literally thousands of religious movements (and occasionally secular alternatives to religion) that have emerged world-wide, but especially in Africa, Japan, and the West during this cent. While for the most part highly syncretistic, the ritual and content of many of these new religions have been influenced, to a greater or lesser degree, by Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu spiritual techniques and perspectives.Denominations: ('inbetween church and a sect e.g.methodist church, hierarchy but not tied to the state, appeals to wide audience but not universal appeal of church,supports dominant norms, represent significan minhority instead of a majority) Cult: (least organisaed, individualistic, small ,loose-knit, no sharply defined beliefs)Wallis' new religious movements: e.g.