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15 Oct

Do you love sports, but have no athletic ability beyond memorizing stats and fielding a fantasy league?Perhaps you’re an athlete, but realize a professional career isn’t in your future.Back in 2005, he got himself a small piece under his right arm and that was his first step onto the slippery slope: “After that first one, which was quite small compared to what I’ve got going on now, I decided to keep going.

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She had fallen in love with other men and had at least one affair.

Like some super-cool online dating agency, we came across Matt Hoke on the web and just had to track him down to find out more.

One look at his ink was all it took to convince us that you should see it too as we all agreed that this is what you get when you stick with one artist and have the patience to see it through to the end… A bad-ass gamer who swears he spends most of his time working on his condo with his fiancée Angelica but by revealing his gaming addiction, we figure the percentage split on that is way in favour of the console.

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