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22 Jan

There's the woman making it in the mans' world, a court case, a rousing church ceremony, a grand opening and even a car crash. I rented this movie because I'm a fan of Paul Gross (due South) and although he looks pretty and gets to sing, even his presence wasn't enough to keep me interested.

The flashback sequences are little more than cringe-worthy music videos, the characters aren't at all engaging and I could see every plot twist a turn a mile before it happened.

Even before its launch, the newest g TLD on the planet became the target of those that do not want users to peruse adult material on the Internet.

summary=true&access_token=XXXXXXXXXXXX there will be a 'summary' element with a 'total_count' field I also see the FB document about this by setting "summary=1" to get the like count.

A man finds himself having to decide between one of two women -- not once, but twice -- in this independent drama.

In 1993, Coles (Mark Ruffalo) is a film student at Sarah Lawrence where he meets two fellow undergrads, Thea (Kathleen Robertson) and Sam (Maya Stange).

"Kick some ass, get the girl, and look dope while doing it," he sums up. SEE IT: Vin Diesel aggressively hits on Brazilian reporter The franchise started 15 years ago, as a weird wedding of X-treme sports and anti-hero heroics.

That movie blew up even more stuff, but didn't set the box-office on fire. So it’s time for Diesel's Xander Cage to put together his own gang of lethal killers.